This week Loaded Dice asks the most important question of all:  Is Star Trek's Holodeck an existential nightmare machine, or merely the greatest masturbatory aid of the 24th century?  Our expert panel of Dubs, Kevin, Derek and Vince survey the relevant issues of sentience, consent, talking fleshlights, memory, creation, violence and identity while perusing various examples from the Star Trek canon including Voyager's Holographic Doctor, Hologram Moriarty, the mating habits of Lt. Worf, and the e-brothels of Quark's bar.

Additionally, our draft segment features the stuff of nightmares.  Nerd nightmares.

To warm up on the topic of the creation and destruction of sentient life, Derek enlightens us with a review of the Peter Molyneux God Game fittingly entitled, Godus.

Hope you enjoy!
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