Our intrepid heroes embark on an examination of the South Park Episode "Cock Magic."  Dubs and Kevin are joined this episode by Gretchen, aka "The Wife-Unit" from the Whiskey Rebellion Podcast making her official Loaded Dice Cast debut.

We also bring back the traditional greeting of the Loaded Dice Cast, "How are you doing? What are you drinking? And what have you been playing lately?"

We ask all of the important questions like "Why is Randy Marsh so great?"  and "Why is South Park taking on Magic The Gathering now?"

We debate whether this inclusion in South Park in some way heralds the "arrival" of Magic: The Gathering, and where does "Cock Magic" stand in the pantheon of other South Park gaming/nerd related episodes.

Finally, everyone really wants to know.  Exactly how does "The Amazing Randy" do his cock magic?
We hope you enjoy another great episode of Loaded Dice Cast
Show Notes
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