The party is on!  The Nerds have won and we are celebrating.   At times by getting into an awkwardly long winded debate about the relative merits of the upcoming Marvel and DC movies, (like you do) but no, seriously, we're partying!  

Dubs Derek Kevin Vince and Evan fill up the boat and float along the sweet river of popular culture. Also know as the "Main Stream."  (Heh)
We talk about the rise of the nerd in pop culture, tracing it from Nintendo, to the Lord of the Rings films, to the work Marvel Studios is doing, to modern gaming and board games.  We are celebrating that "I told you so" moment when the rest of the world realizes all of the things we thought were cool actually ARE cool.  Because they are cool!
Evan gives us a break and reviews Shadows of Mordor.  Marshall, from the Not So Silent Protagonists crop dusts Dubs.  Basically, everything you would expect at a nerd party.
So strap on you party hats, put on your dancing shoes, get equipped with some drinking gauntlets, and let's push up our glasses!
Show Notes:
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