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Part 2 of our Podcast discussing the soul of the gaming community.  We take a more measured and intellectual approach to what has caused this confluence between gamers and the vicious backlash known as #gamergate.  We come down on an idea: Power.  Gaming empowers people, and sometimes that attracts people who feel they lack power.  We examine this power dynamic and hopefully reach some useful conclusions.


In which our brave explorers of morality, geek culture and their own navels embark upon a journey into the murkey, weird and confusing waters of #GamerGate.  This cast is heavy, and, at times, a bit, umm yelly.  Kevin yells a lot.

We discuss smokescreens, legitimate criticism, misogyny, male privilege...all within the context of our beloved hobby and what it aspires to be.  You know what?  I think we even learned something in the end.  Seriously.
Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled comments.

Dubs and Kevin are back from Cheers to discuss another great episode of LOST.  We go deep, to the bottom of our glasses, the barrel and the heart of the island.  A discussion of the 5th episode of LOST season 1, White Rabbit, including the literary relationship with Watership Down, and Alice in Wonderland.  We talk about faith, dreams, fate, and hallucination.  We answer many questions...what does it all mean?  

Also, seriously, what's up with how creepy that doll is?

In which Dubs and Kevin imbibe 20ish ounce keg-o-rated pilsners and discuss Lost Season 1, Episode 3:  Walkabout!

Get Sauct on John Locke, colonial imperialism, the metaphor of the boardgame and dick jokes.

As always, SPOILERS are involved with the review of a series that relies heavily on surprises.  Proceed at your own risk.

This episode has awesome like Locke has knives.  ENJOY IT, DAMN IT!


On the half-shell, the heroes three, Kevin, Vince and Dubble B.

Mics are hot, but audio is dubious.
We talk turtles with drunken exuberance.

In the wake of The Platinum Dunes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, we review the Ninja Turtles in nerd culture.  Comics, cartoons, movies, frightening live shows.  We talk about characters, moments, and of course, workshop our version of a TMNT reboot.

Dubs and Kevin return to the island for our second episode of SAUCT, our retrospective on the great JJ Abrams/ Damon Linedelof / Carlton Cuse show from 2004 LOST.  In this episode we look back at the themes, mysteries and moments of Tabula Rasa, the 3rd episode of the first season of LOST. 

Whether it is the theory of the State of Nature and how it relates to John Locke (the philosopher) to Kate's flashback character moments, we have a good time with it.

Come enjoy a Dharma Beer with us, and let's go deep.
As always, comments, thoughts, flash-sideways welcome.  Drink together or die alone. 

Loaded Dice is proud to present, in association with Rhymes with Geek, a new supplemental Loaded Dice Project:  SAUCT!  Kevin and Dubs' loving drunken retrospective on the TV Show LOST upon the 10th anniversary of it hitting the airwaves.

In our first episode we discuss the raison d'etre for the podcast, and give our analysis of the first two episodes of LOST, PIlot 1&2.  

Let us know what you think of this project on twitter @kevinloadeddice or on facebook at our page Loaded Dice Cast.

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