The glorious pilgrimage to PAX East has come, and the LDC crew were there, Matty G, Derek, Mikey C, Kevin and newcomer, but old friend Ian. And you can come along with us! Bathe in the nerdsweat, con crud, and miasma with our Shame of Nerds (Shame is the collective pronoun for nerds, in case you didn't know).

This week's live studio recording from the Boom Boom Room holds our little slice of the PAX East experience; Pro-Tips for PAX first timer, Reviews of about a load different things (The Booze Cube, King of Tokyo, keynotes, housing, drinking), discovery, quasi-mystical experiences, and plenty of delicious Harpoon beer. Also more talk about music based games than has ever been heard before. Kick back and crack a cold one.
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