Like the worst printed business card you've ever seen, Loaded Dice is turning in another sloppy but thoughtful performance.  Three weeks in a row, this is unprecedented.  We were inspired by the weirdness of Dubs' Patrick Bateman like gamer profile, and Vince realized there may be a framework for wrapping our heads around this.  Not the DSM, but Timmy, Johnny and Spike, the famous Psychographics that the geniuses at Wizards of the Coast have been using to print money (in the form of cardboard cards) for decades.  We go on a spirit journey to see if we can't expand these psychographics outwards, to find out why video gamers play video games, and how they're trying to win video games.

Also, embarassingly, Kevin adds a new member to the Mispronunciation Rapstar Panteon with Eponymous and his debut album "The Girl from Eponymous".
Evan provides a tight review (in a new format) for the fun party card game "Boss Monster" and we draft some of the sillier gaming psychographics we've run across.  You know who you are.
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