Edge of the Empire


We begin on the Edge of the Empire...

It is a period of Civil War....  A mysterious group of unlikely allies meets aboard the Lambda Shuttle Tyderian. 

Welcome to the Whiskey Rebellion, where the Loaded Dice Crew plays Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Tabletop Roleplaying game. 

In this episode we begin our adventure with a Prelude before we start main adventure in the Star Wars universe.

Evan Loaded Dice, our fearless GM, beloved friend, and intrepid podcast hero sets us up on a "Cold Open" for us.  We start learning the basics of how to play Edge of the Empire, and we start getting a feel for Evan's spin on the Star Wars universe. 

We play characters that were assigned to us, instead of our main characters, and start our adventure far away from where our heroes will eventually start their journey.

Pull up a glass of Blue Milk, light those Death Sticks if you got em' and join us on this sneak peak into the Edge of the Empire.   A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away....

Links featuring Rules, Dice and Character sheets below!
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