Our first BRAND NEW podcast for the Loaded Dice Network.  Numbing Dose is Vince and Derek's baby, with recurring guests each and every week.  We couldn't have found a better set of guests in Rob and Mike.  Rob's made it on to LDC before (he was the coherent guy on our Camp FU I'm a Wizard Cast) and this is Mike's long anticipated Loaded Dice premiere!

So, what are we talking about?  DRINK!  Because we're talking about Magic: The Gathering!  Vince Rob and Mike go over the latest, juicy cheating scandal in Magic: The Gathering, and then Rob and Mike, subject matter experts each, teach Vince how to standard, using decklists from SCG Worcester.

You'll laugh (at Vince!)

You'll cry (when the episode is over!)
You will be entertained.

Enjoy the latest new podcast from the Loaded Dice Network!  

SCG Worcester Deck Lists

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