The Force Awakens And So Do Our Loins

The episode you all have been waiting for is here!  The Loaded Dice Crew goes over and discusses, shot for shot the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII:The Force Awakens, geeking out at every turn but providing deep insightful analysis  AND A DELUGE OF DICK JOKES.  Like, a lot of dick jokes.  We speak of Stormtroopers, E-11s, E-12s, Soccer Robots, Fudgesicle Speeders/Domobile, John Williams Soundtracks and THE MILLENIUM FALCON.  

We ask the important questions, that no one is asking, like "What's up with that lightsaber?"  And we're not just talking about the one the Sith Holds.....DUN DUN DUNNNNNN...
And, in the draft we ask:  "What was John Boyega thinking in the first scene?"
Dubs and Marshall, from the Not So Silent Protagonists join us for the podcast, and also provide a review of Smash Brothers 4 for the Wii U and 3DS.

Kevin shows up to the podcast fashionably late and fueled by harpoon beers and we promptly go right off the rails (speeder lane?)

Speculation, excitement and geeking out abounds in this latest episode of Loaded Dice Cast!
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