We're in the thick of things in season 2, and we're about to roll into summer.  Dubs brought back our drinking game segment with the Tarantino drinking game.  The rules are quite short, the drinking is quite intense.    We follow that up with a convincing argument about why you should invest the 15 dollars into the hilarious FarCry 3:BloodDragon which Kevin thinks is very funny, and we're told he is often right.  We roll right into what we lovingly refer to as "Camp Fuck You, I'm a Wizard," and how you can, in an informal, fun and meaningful way, increase the awesomeness of your nerd tribe.  Be the neckbeard you want to see in the world.  Our draft has us contemplating embarking on mind bending brutal war, accompanied by our favorite cartoon characters.  Finally, we tell you what summer movies are going to be worth seeing, and which ones are destined for Netflix...or worse.  We hope you enjoy the episode.

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